Responsible for supervising or executing all electrical activities in the installation, such as maintenance execution, power generation and safety work, ensuring their register on CMMS, acting as RPE for that assigned vessel, maintaining a high standard of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance, so that they are carried out technically efficiently, in compliance with schedules, MODEC procedures, maintenance philosophy, national and international regulations and standards, in order to contribute so that all electrical equipment and systems are operational and preserved for the assigned unit.


  • Supervise, follow up and participate in all services and operations related to the Electrical discipline, acting as RPE for the assigned vessel, in order to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of all plant and machinery in the unit, as well as emergency equipment, thus contributing to the production and revenue target achievement.
  • Contribute to an effective response to emergencies on board by being part of the Emergency Response Team, participating in all trainings, simulations and acting properly in a real situation, in accordance with MODEC's procedures, guidelines, as well as national and international regulations and best practices.
  • Contribute to the MODEC’s Permit to Work management systems' implementation, by acting as originator of PTWs and Perform Authority for Electrical works, ensuring the correct isolation of equipment and machinery, guaranteeing all Electrical employees and vendors working on Electrical activities are properly trained and certified, in accordance with MODEC procedures, and attending, when requested, internal or external audits.


  • Previous experience in Offshore Oil & Gas area is expected.
  • Previous experience in a leadership position is a competitive edge.
  • High School Degree is required.
  • Discipline-specific Technical Degree is required, bachelor’s degree of discipline-specific Engineering is a competitive edge (electrical/electrotechnical).
  • Fluent English
  • Mobility to rotation to Singapore during construction phase