We are looking for a professional to work as HSSE Engineer in our office at Guyana to support during the project phase:

The selected professionals will perform activities such as:

    - Ensure the implementation of new projects to improve HSE performance considering the challenges, engaging interested parties and aligned with the expected budget;

    - Plan the work to be carried out to meet the scope of the project, considering the necessary resources and the involvement of interested parties;

    - Monitor and monitor the development of the project from its conceptualization to monitoring the benefits and impacts brought by it to demonstrate the results collected;

    - Analyze the risk of project implementation by implementing control measures to reduce barriers and increase the project success factor;

    - Implement, support and monitor the implementation of guides, process standards, work instructions, programs, tools and SSM practices in accordance with the responsibilities defined by the company's management system and aligned with the project;

    - Assist in the preparation of the department's budget and subsequently control and monitor the use of financial resources to promote effective financial management;

    - Responsible for managing suppliers involved in project delivery to ensure that services and products are delivered within specifications and aligned with the schedule.

    - Open purchase negotiations, monitor approvals until closing the order with monitoring of proposals, balance and budget management and interface transactions between MODEC entities so that hiring takes place in accordance with internal policies and procedures ;

    - Develop, monitor and present project performance indicators so that the organization can evaluate the progress, status and objectives achieved;

    - Manage the change proposal for the project, preparing change management documentation and evaluating the risks and impacts on the organization, implementing the actions, training those involved and updating the documentation affected by the project.


    - Completed bachelor Degree and Post gratuate in Occupational Safety Engineering;

    - Essential knowledge of ICS;

    - Knowledge of HSSE disciplines through a variety of operational/project experiences;

    - Working knowledge of HSSE management systems, environmental emissions, incident command systems, incident investigation, HSSE audit technique, industrial hygiene and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

    - Complete office package;

    - Advanced English.